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Doran is an “upbeat and demanding” director (MIT News) whose theatrical voice is grounded in text and music analysis as a means of bringing informed and nuanced choices to the stage. Through honoring the specificity of writers and composers, she is committed to pushing the form forward while honoring the needs of a modern audience.


Who is Eartha Mae?

Coming in January 2019 with Bridge Rep

Created by and Starring Jade Wheeler

An influential American icon -- and her personal, private journey -- come to life in this world premiere production.  Iconic musical numbers, Kitt's own autobiographical text, and much more, create a night of cabaret-style theatre that is at once energized and intimate.

Yeoman of the Guard

A new production with MIT of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most operatic score.

September 1940. Under the relentless blitzkrieg of German bombers, everyday life around the Tower of London is threatened daily. In a new exploration of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic The Yeomen of The Guard, Londoners prove they can “Make Do And Mend” no matter the cost. Featuring Sullivan’s grandest score and Gilbert’s razor sharp wit, Yeomen jibes and jokes while offering a glimpse into how much we are willing to sacrifice for a cause. 

Voices Boston

Cailin is a Guest Artist with Voices Boston, directing (Oklahoma!, Pirates of Penzance) for the past two seasons and teaching.

Voices Boston changes the lives of its children, building confidence, discipline, leadership and a love of music that will last a lifetime. Throughout its history, Voices Boston has collaborated with internationally known ensembles. Voices Boston choristers perform a wide range of repertoire and present a musical or operetta every year.

Additionally, Cailin has Assistant Directed with The Speakeasy Stage Company (Shakespeare in Love, Director Scott Edmiston) and Boston Theater Company (Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Director Rebecca Bradshaw).